Pet Memorials

In this section of our website, we would be happy to honour pets who have passed away. We welcome you to create a lasting tribute for your pet or animal friend on our website's Pet Memorial page.

Click here to submit your pet memorial online. This is an example:

                                                                              Hercules, Gabby and Atticus From ??? to 2015.

Hercules lived until he was eleven.  He was a real gentle giant and will be remembered for his devotion, his enthusiasm for life and his very heavy head, which he would rest on any available lap, when the opportunity arose.

Gabby was a loving friend and wonderful companion. Her favorite pastime, apart from eating her, and everyone else's dinner, was to chew or follow her nose, which never stopped wandering and sniffing.

Atticus loved Scout and ruled the household until diabetes took him down. Even now, whenever there is trouble, a chewed towel or a broken vase, his name still come up!

" We miss you all!".

Jack, Savanna, Scout, Harper, Calpurnia (and Boo, who would have liked to know them too!)

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